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BMW Z4 we rebuilt the seats in black leather with sandstone stitching to really set off the interior and get rid of the all tan seating. We also recovered the armrest on the doors in black with accent stitching. We were looking to achieve the factory look yet a bit more of a pop!

C1 Corvette we built custom seats as low possible for a taller customer. We added the racing flags to the backrest and inserts were double stitched red diamonds. We also added some touches here and there of the black leather with red stitching to set it all off.

C6 Corvette we rebuilt the seats, shifter boot, console lid, ebrake boot, and door panel sections. The door panels are an original DTS design to get rid of the plastic feel of the C6 original interior. Black leather with torch red accent stitching was used throughout. Pictures don't do this one justice.